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Time Machine

This is the voice of the time machine
The engine is working
Fasten seatbelts
Check status quo of time
Turn gearlever to the time of your choice
Now you are the master of time

Asterix and Obelix
Playing with the roman tricks
Back in Memphis 65
Elvis Presley groovin' live

Maximum power relax and dream
Flying in my time machine

Michael Jackson good and bad
Maggie Thatcher iron cat
Cassius Clay lost his mind
He got Christmas all the time

Maximum ...
Maximum maximum power


Maximum ...
Maximum maximum power!

Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn

East of Eden James Dean dreamin'
East of Eden in the USA
Love film presents the story of James Dean and Marilyn
Fame and glory Jimmy and Marilyn this is the story Noch jemand eis? Action

Highnoon in Hollywood here comes Gary Cooper
Charlie Chaplin dances good wild as super trouper
Rambo in studio one kills the alligator
Arnold Schwarzenegger's son beats the terminator

Filmfilmfilm ab Jijijimmy
Jimmy Dean loved Marilyn hey bububidu bububidu
My name's Johnny and I love you I dododo

John Wayne rides again through the Rio Bravo
Psychokiller goes insane sciencefiction video
Hitchcock's bird give shocks Beverly Hills alone
Alien eats gremlin frogs e.t. phones at home

Filmfilmfilm ab ...

Some like it hot some like it not in swimmingpool
Some like it hot some like it not I like it cool
You wanna know what love is - schau mir in die Augens kleines
Some go for Ronny some go for Mike -
Honey you know what I likelikelike vamos muchachos

Filmfilmfilm ab ...

I love you

Corleone Speaking

Who's speaking
This is a long distance call from Chicago

Chicago is hot
The whiskey is not
In The Summer of 29
Gangs in the street
Gambling in heat
Big boss is on the line

Mamma a napoli
Far across the sea

Corleone speaking

Police on the run
From winchester gun
The city is on fire
New York to Frisco
Let the news go
On talking wire

Mamma a napoli
Far across the sea

Corleone speaking

Midnight in town
Limousines around
In the summer of 29
Hotel Ritz
Ballroom blitz
Big boss still on the line

Mamma a napoli
Far across the sea

Corleone speaking

Who's speaking
Corleone speaking

Holiday In St.Tropez - Eating Pizza In Ibiza

Let's go to the playa
Holiday in Saint Tropez

Rendevouz in Malibu
Eating pizza in Ibiza yeah ...

Fly a jumbo take a train
Dance the tango kiss the rain
Flirt in palma under stars
Senoritas love guitars
Guys from Norway eat tequila
Girls from Bombay hava nagila
Freaks in discos pump up the bassdrum
Misses lobos looks for fun

Holiday ...

Family Flinstone sing ole
Vikings Stockholm hejahe
The Germans wild swim in bear
A Berlin child why are we here
Hotel booked American ladies
Sharks are shocked burger babies
Fills from Paris pas de deux
Jerry Lewis fait son jeux

Holiday ...

Let's go to the playa baby
Let's go to the playa

Beach is white water's green
Dive and hide fly and dream
Wherever you hear me whatever you see
Wherever you near me whoever you'll be
You fly a jumbo take a train
Dance the tango kiss the rain
Freaks in discos pump up the bassdrum
Misses lobos looks for fun

Holiday ...
Holiday ...

Marcello The Mastroianni

Mmmmmh (o sole mio) sssssh
Boys and girls welcome to Rome follow me
I'm Your Reisefuhrer gimme the drums

Sitting in a coffehouse drink Martini dry
Julius Cesar mighty mouse watching girls go by

Palms adancing on the beach bikinis on the run
Art is art and kitch is kitch that's Italian fun

Marcelloo the Mastroiannii
Marcelloo the Mastroiannii

Fashion is to be a hip show your Spanish shoes
Take me on a seaside trip looking for some clues

Sailing in the Roman bay on the wings of love
Flirting on a sunny day Fellini's dreaming of

Marcelloo the Mastroiannii
Marcelloo the Maestro ianni ianni ianni

Bababidu ... hey ciao bello
Whenwhenwhen it's rainrainrain it's chchchchchchchampaigne

Ah francese ouioiuoiu
Chercher la femme fatale Pompadour Chagal l'amour et chame brutal (olala..)
Jean Jaque ... Jean Jaque the Rousseau (Belemondo..)
Brigitte ... Brigitte the Bardot (ouiouiouioui)
Tedesco ah germaniaweightsguthawunderbarkaputtgellimmerArbeitneinoooh (jajaja)
Kinski (jaja..) the Schlawinski (jaja..)
Schimmischimmischimanski (jaja..)
Swesweswedish lykonskan til fodelesedag oleoleol alcohol (tak..)
Swedish Anita Ekberg ha iceberg

Marcelloo the Mastroiannii..
Marcelloo the Mastroiannii..

Caruso Rudolfo Celentano Michelangelo
Babubidu ... (mmh)
Senatus populusque romanus

Space Intro

In 1492 Columbus Discover America - and he found the Indians
A couple of hundred years later in a human beings' history
The earthpeople discovered a brand new world - the space
Where are the space - Indians?


My name is commander Tom
You're on board of our spaceship Voyager X5ten
On your flight to the Andromeda fog
At the moment we have an information breakdown
With our mothership Andromeda
And so we're lost

Flying out the station
We're lost in the space
Got no communication
With our human race

Andromeda Andromeda
We're calling Andromeda
Andromeda Andromeda
We're falling Andromeda

Drifting out direction
Let all systems run
Radar reflection
On a planet sun

Andromeda Andromeda...

Mayday mayday
Calling mothership
Calling mothership
Million light years from home
Million light years from home
From home from home from home

Lost in the ocean
Of the galaxy
No signal no motion
Human fantasy

Andromeda Andromeda ...

Mayday mayday
Calling mothership
Calling mothership
Last position 5017 on our mission to Andromeda

Andromeda Andromeda ...

Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative

I'm your profprof professor of love
One is an Adam one is an Eve
Everything is relative

Flying in my cosmic ship to the planet Earth
Join me on my plastic trip through the Universe
Boy and girls around the world ready for a game
Who is who on this pearl do you guess my name

Albert Einstein check the time-time
Albert Einstein love is fine-fine
One is clever one naive
Everything is relative

Coming from the Milky Way with my galactic crew
Mars and Venus fade to gray the energy is you
Timemachine and laserbeam the glance of Marco Polo
The school is ruled by Fronkensteen dance the tango solo

Albert Einstein ...
One is a butler one is a chief
Everything is relative

Welcome to my laboratorium
Faraday will send the blitz to Jimmy Hendrix in hotel Ritz
Kopernikus wears blue suede shoes Isaak Newton sings the blues
Pythagoras and Socrates rent a computer for Aristoteles
Doctor Jekyll and mister Hyde in the couch of Sigmund Freud

This is the formula mein Herr
Energy is mass multiplied by speed of light square
For this to analyse you (people) gave me the Nobelprize
But I tell you this is not enough
I'm the profprof professor of love

Albert Einstein ...
One is sexy one sportif
Do it more a relative

What did you say what did you say
Galileo Galilei
Galileo calls captain Spock
Und sie dreht sich doch

One is a white boy one olive
Everything is...
Einstein ...

Albert Einstein quod erat demonstrandum
Sein oder nicht sein


Put on your dancin' shoes
You're my primaballerina

The world is tossin' and turnin'
The fire is hot and burnin'
I miss you a lot I'm learning that I need you
And I can't get enough enough of your words of love

You're my primaballerina
You can dance all night and day
Everytime I long to see you
My primaprima ballerina
My primaprima ballerina fly away

I call you name in the moonlight
All in the game sweet dynamite
High in the sky my satellite can you hear me
And I am dreaming of your tender wings of love

You're my primabellerina ...

Put on your dancin' shoes

The wintertime is long long gone
Singing rhymes and singing songs
My feelings will go on and on mi corazon
And I can't get enough enough of your words of love

You're my primabellerina ...
You're my primabellerina ...
We fly away

Don't Break My Heart

You are the storm
Tender and warm
You are the night
Flickering light

Don't break my heart
Right from the start
Gimme little more time
Before we go apart
Don't break me heart

You are the fire
Bird on the wire
You are the ice
Tumbling dice

Don't break my heart ...

You are the sun
You are the one
Look in my eyes
Tell me no lies

Don't break my heart ...
Don't break my heart ...

* * *
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